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Diary dates



Date of worming course 1 17/12/19

Date of worming course 2 01/01/20

Dates of visits from 08/01/20

Temperament testing and allocation date. 08/01/20

Date of worming course 17/1/20

Date of vet check and first vaccination

Dates of collections  22/01/20



Shopping List

For your puppy you will need the following-

  •  Travel crate/box to travel home  (Amazon basics  23")
  • Food/water bowls for the house ceramic or stone are ideal
  •  Crate for your puppy to sleep in
  • bolt on water bowl for your crate
  • Snugglesafe puppy with heat  pad insert
  • Adaptil spray
  • Vet bed for crate 
  • Lead
  • Harness
  • Name tag
  • Poo bags
  • Puppy food
  • Treats
  • Interactive toys
  • Fetch type toys
  • Chewing toys
  • first aid kit
  • ear cleaner
  • nail clippers
  • Dicky tummy solution
  • Antiseptic spray
  • cuddly blankets
  • Training mat ( small square of vet bed is fine)
  • socialisation CD
  • shampoo
  • 210.5 or 211.5 acme whistle



Owners chart


Planned owners Name

Gender requested

Visit date Collection date KC Name requested owners update form completed  Puppy pack items ordered

Henry Atkinsons

Yasmin White



Nicola Ashcroft

James Barclay


J Batchelder Dog     
Daniel KerryDog