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KC Name

To request your KC name please submit two choices below-

The naming rules are as follows

The name will always carry the prefix Gunfield  for example Gunfield Joe or Gunfield Joe blogs

You have a total of 24 letter including the prefix Gunfield _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You can use one word or multiple.

In order to ensure you requests are not rejected you are advised not to use activities, dog show titles, movie characters, sports personalities/teams or brand names, kennel names and names associated with breed colour or history.

No swear words.

I would recommend checking your choices of name against the Vizsla pedigree database to ensure they have not already been taken. 
please give two choices these should be different names not reworking of the same words.

If both names are rejected the Kennel club will allocate a name of their choice.